Ella Lawrence

Ioana Gagea

Jessica Leslie

Hi I’m Jess. I started skating back when I was 13. My dad took me to a disco session here at Gosport! Despite being covered in bruises from falling over, my love for ice skating had only just begun! I figure skated up until I was 17, competing in nationwide competitions with our local synchronised… Continue reading Jessica Leslie

Charlie Thisby

I think it was probably about two and a half years ago when, on the eve of an away game, Kelsey picked up an injury last minute. Having played in goal in field hockey since I was eleven, I could feel the eyes in the room turning expectantly towards me. Unfortunately, the two jobs are… Continue reading Charlie Thisby

Sasha Temme

Being a junior member of Amazon’s ice hockey team has been an amazing experience. Training and playing with such wonderful people and awesome hockey players has improved my skills enormously. The environment they create has been so welcoming towards me and they give me the confidence on the ice to play in a senior team.

Cadence Deer

As a player for the Solent Jr Devils and new player to the Amazon’s, I’m so happy to say I’m a part of this team. The team were very welcoming when I first joined and are so supportive during our training sessions. From the moment I started training they were lovely and due to the… Continue reading Cadence Deer

Solent Amazons vs Peterborough Phantoms

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