Questions & Answers

How much is it to watch?
All our games are currently free entry to promote and build women’s sports.


When/Where do Solent train?
SWIHC are based at Planet Ice, Gosport. Training is every Wednesday at 8.15pm and lasts one hour. 


How do I join the club?
Registrations for our next season will open in September 2024. Solent Amazons are our Women’s National Ice Hockey League team, and Solent Valkyries are our second Women’s team who play friendlies with teams of similar abilities.


Can I just come to train?

We require new players to request attendance to training via email to Kelly at


I am a complete beginner, do you cater to me?
Entry level training sessions will begin in June, however we require you to have basic skating ability, including forwards, backwards, crossovers and stopping. General skating sessions and skating lessons are a good starting point for this. Nearby, Basingstoke have a women’s skating development course. Once you are ready to skate, you will be able to request joining Solent Valkyries for training.


How much is it to play?
New players will have one free training session, followed by two PAYG sessions at £10 per session. After this players will need to register and start a £50 per month direct debit which includes games.
EIH Registration/Insurance is usually around £70.
(We split petrol costs for away games.) 


How old do I have to be to join the team?
To train with the club you need to be at least 14 years old, and to play games you need to be over 15 years old.


Where can juniors learn Ice Hockey?
In juniors males and females compete on the same team. At Planet Ice Gosport, this is the Solent Junior Devils.