Netminders Valkyries 24/25

Rosa Kosowicz

Stats (Netminders 22/23)

Ella Lawrence

Charlie Thisby

I think it was probably about two and a half years ago when, on the eve of an away game, Kelsey picked up an injury last minute. Having played in goal in field hockey since I was eleven, I could feel the eyes in the room turning expectantly towards me. Unfortunately, the two jobs are… Continue reading Charlie Thisby

Statistics Netminders 21/22

Kelsey Thibault

I’ve been playing hockey for about 20 years, played minors in Canada and rec at university. Always played boys / mens hockey until the Amazons. When I moved to the UK I was surprised to find that the town I was in had ice hockey, so I’ve been playing ever since. Had a bad ankle… Continue reading Kelsey Thibault

Phoebe Shavelar