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The Solent Amazons season will start in October 2022. We will be playing each team twice, once home and once away. Our short season means that we only get 6 home games this year, so please come and support us when you can. 


Entry to all Amazons games this season is FREE to promote Women’s Sports, programs are 50p and we provide a fun evening of family friendly live entertainment.


Solent Amazons are the South Coast’s only Women’s National Ice Hockey League team, bringing you the best Hampshire has to offer.


We encourage you to be loud, interact with us, and enjoy yourselves. 


For hopeful junior players, please contact Solent Jr. Devils to get your start in the game.


Solent Amazons
Chelmsford Pythons (New)
Peterborough Phantoms
Oxford Midnight Stars
Coventry Phoenix
Cardiff Comets
Streatham Storm