Women’s National Ice Hockey League Match

In a rematch from our first encounter this season, Amazons hope to carry on the momentum and come away with another win against a challenging Cardiff team.

It will be a long trip for our ladies to Wales but we will bring our A game.

RESULT: Solent Amazons 7 def. Cardiff Comets 1

POG: Elena Stoner
Spirit: Charlie Thisby

Jess Lesie 1+2
Liz Taylor 1+0
Elena Stoner 1+0
Chantelle Air 4+0
Joanna Orlik 0+1

– Article from Cardiff Comets 

Solent take the victory on home ice
The Comets couldn’t wait to rematch the Amazons after an epic battle in Solent two weeks ago. However, a quick goal from #90 Chantelle Air in the opening minutes completely threw the team off guard. The team dug deep and tried to get one back, but nettie Charlie Thisby wasn’t letting anything past her. Solent sent another two to the back of the net to make it 3-0.
Unfortunately, #39 Mackenzie Macnamara was seriously struggling with injury but she wanted to play at least the first period. She battled through and half way through the second period the team knew it was time to rest her. We are so proud of Kenz for giving her all to play, as she always does. We really hope she has a speedy recovery as we will miss her big time.
The team then had to pull straws of who was going to go in net, thankfully alternative Captain #22 Chloe Matthews without hesitation stepped up to the challenge. Chloe was quickly kitted up and then very briefly shown some basic goalie stances before she was thrown onto the ice as a nettie for the first time. She lapped up her debut moment by doing a lap of honour, which we later found out was her just working out what net she was in. Then it was game time.
Solent came in fast with Chloe doing everything she could to stop the puck from entering the net. She caught a puck and proudly held it up for all to see.
In the third period a few more pucks just slipped past Chloe but we were all just so proud of her effort and were in awe of her determination. Finally line 2 got the only goal of the game after a fantastic break out from #88 Becca Egerström and an epic shot from #98 Leah Cannon!
We are all so proud of the team for what was such a bizarre and injured fuelled game. This was the first time we have ever played 4 line hockey and to have so many players smiling on the bench, working hard on the ice and enjoying every second was absolute magic.
The Solent ladies played wonderfully as a team once again. We wish them all the best with their season and cannot wait to play them again next year 🎉
Thank you to all our friends, family and supporters for coming down to watch we appreciate it so much!